Dec. 2004-Well, we didn't win the Zippohottour for the Denver area, but it was a fantastic experience! The filming of our performance and interview will be airing on HDnet soon on their large broadcast area! It'll be fantastic to see us being beamed all around, in HD no less! We're presently working on assembling new Munki material, some from Eric, one from Lee, and one from Todd! These new songs will be a great example of the progression of Munki. We want to record them ASAP, to get them out to the public. Everyone is real psyched about the new songs, so tune in for more ripping Munki material!

Nov. 10, 2004-Well, we had a change in personnel! Jeff left the band after the show in South Park. Now, Lee Alverson had to leave the band, but Eric ended up moving back from Arizona! So, with Eric back, we will playing the final show of the Zippohotour on Nov. 20th at Hermans Hideaway, with the guy who wrote the songs that got us there in the 1st place!

Oct. 30, 2004-We played our 2nd show of the Zippohotour at the Larimer lounge on Oct. 28th,and it was great turnout....We'll wait and see who will win it for Denver. Our last Zippohotour show will be at Herman's Hideaway in Nov.

Oct. 4, 2004-We had our first show at the Climax Lounge on 10-2, and it was awesome! Fuse TV interviewed us for HDNet earlier in the day on the railroad tracks, and then brought their HD cameras down to the Climax to film the shows! Katy Darryl who will host the show when it broadcasts was at the show too! We'll let you know when it broadcasts!

Oct. 2004- The Zippohotour dates have been set, and we will be playing three shows for the contest! We'll be playing at the Climax Lounge(10-2),The Larimer Lounge(10-28), and Herman's Hideaway(11-20). The show at the Climax Lounge will be filmed, for a show to be broadcast on HD-Net TV! Be sure to head down, and you might get on HD-Net! We need everyone to come to these shows, so we can keep our momentum going in the Zippohottour!

Sept 14, 2004-Well The South Park Music Festival came into Fairplay on 9-11-04, and blew the town off the Map! What a great day! Our new bass player, Lee Pelton had his second show with us, and it was a good one! Standing room only at the Park Bar, we closed the festival out with a bang! It was our 2nd show as a five piece, which filled out our sound more. The 1st South Park Music Festival will definitely be a highlight not soon forgotten!

Sept. 2nd, 2004-We've been hitting it hard lately, getting ready for the South Park Music Festival! We're glad to announce our new Bassist, Lee Pelton, playing a nice 5 string bass! This enables us to have a fuller sound, and opens up many options. Come check out the new Munki!

August 17th, 2004-We were just informed that we get to play at the South Park Music Festival in Fairplay on 9-11-04. This will be one of the best music festivals in the country! And it's right in the back yard! The zippohottour voting is finishing up now, and we cleaned up in Colorado, and came in at #3 in the nation! Look for the date that we will be playing at the Gothic Theater, probably in October!

July 15, 2004 Not only did we make the top 20, but, “POWDER MUNKI” HITS #1 IN COLORADO AND #4 IN THE UNITED STATES IN THE ZIPPO HOT TOUR CONTEST! Now, we just need to keep the votes pouring in, so we can hold on to our status!! So, pass the word on, and get everyone you know to vote! Appreciate all those that have voted, and put us at the top! Goto the links page to vote NOW!

June 2004 saw the return of Powdermunki to the stage!! Still a four-piece in search of a permanent bassist, Pat, Jeff, Lee and Todd hit the scene with a great gig at Ecks Saloon in Lakewood with local band, About John. Jeff and Lee switched roles on bass and guitar, playing a set consisting of our old-school Munki originals and a new batch of covers to compliment. “Flying Machine”, the first vocals written by Todd, is the first of many new originals in the works, getting lyrical and musical ideas from everyone involved. With the integration of computer software, the ability to produce home-grown tunes should be right around the corner!! This, in combination with steady playing throughout the summer, should get us back into the swing of things!!

February, 2004, was witness to yet another chapter in the Powder Munki epic. Eric Frazee moved to Arizona at the beginning of the year, returning to Colorado for one more show with Powder Munki. The last show with Frazee, a Judas Priest tribute concert hosted by Maris the Great, marked the beginning of the addition of Lee Alverson, guitarist of local band Issuez.Their band was also going through a hibernation period. Near the end of rehearsals for the tribute show, Todd hit Lee up about stepping in for the departing Eric. After several vain attempts to regroup Issuez, Lee came back, expressing interest in playing as a Munki.

In actuality, Eric is and always will be a Munki. The distance between states, however, has heavily limited rehearsal and playing time with him. But mark these words, whenever he’s in town, or we’re in Arizona, if there’s a gig to be played, we will all be there!! We think of Lee as more of an addition rather than a replacement.

Since the addition of Lee, Powder Munki has attempted to add a local bassist to the roster. In the past, Jeff and Eric traded off the role of bass and guitar. Until a permanent bassist might be added, this role will now be shared by Jeff and Lee. The brief stint as a five-piece (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums, vocals) during the tribute rehearsals, was impressive. A second guitar adds that extra “shazam” to any song. Powder Munki has recently gone through a few candidates for a bass player but the chemistry has yet to be found. Long story short, we’re a 4-piece band with a 5th piece out-of-towner, looking to add a local 6th piece.

The original material played by Powder Munki has been the same now for several years. With the addition of Todd at vocals, a push was made to create an album consisting of this material. This would probably be the strongest representation of what PM is about, a variety of influences all with a dash of “heavy”. Attempting to get back into the scene again will probably be done so with a mix of old and new Munki-tunes, keeping the crowds’ attention with a cover here and there (done, of course, Munki-style!!)