Pat Mauro

Some insight into Pat "Slim" Mauro

Born in Denver Colorado, Pat Mauro had an early affection for Music. His parents came out of the Swing era, with the instilled love of rhythm. His sister would play the Beatles to shut up his crying fits, without failure. From there, it moved into a love for Led Zeppelin when they started out, playing their first show in the USA, in Denver Colorado, in December 1968 (although he didnt make it to that show!).

Moving from Denver to Bailey Colorado in 1972, his love for the mountains grew. From there, a true love of the Beatles ensued in sixth grade and music became serious at that point. With a dabbling in playing guitar that year, the next year he and his two buddies decided they were going to start to play drums in the band at Platte Canyon Junior/Senior High School. Band became the best class of the day! The trips to the basketball games, band clinics and playing before football games were the catalyst to create an undying love of the pounding of the skins. In 1979, the girls basketball team went to the State championship in Denver at the Auditorium Arena. This was the place that Neil Peart and Rush would play within the next month! He performed a drum battle with the drummer from the Idaho Springs School, and the joy of pounding the heads with no abandon in a major venue, where his new drumming influence would be playing, infected him even more! Pat and his drumming buddies, Dan Carman and Chris Franklin, were certified Rushheads!

In 1981 a call came in from an awesome guitarist in the Bailey area, Mr. Eric Frazee. Eric asked Pat if he'd like to join his present musical endeavor. Somehow, starting his own band had escaped Slim, so Pat was shocked to be asked to join a real Rock and Roll band! It was the beginning of a musical journey which continues to the present. The first band was called KIX. Playing cover songs with Leo Vigil and Eric, he'd sit on his drum stool, entranced by the guitar antics of Eric Frazee. Next came his first musings of writing his own drum parts in 1983. Eric and Pat were going to make a record! It was called Mountain Boy with the backside called 285 Roulette. It was the answer to Frank Zappa's Valley Girl, a major influence to Eric and Pat. Sales were not the best.

In 1984 the beginnings of the next band were born. Eric wrote a new epic song called Clowns and the new band became Scream in The Dark. Eric and Pat hooked up with a great singer named Joe Freeman for this project. This collaboration continued in various forms for another 13 years! Scream in The Dark recorded a five song EP and had a new guy helping out doing sound production by the name of Jeff Workman. Scream in the Dark played numerous shows, ending with a battle of the bands competition in 1986.

Next came a cover band with Joe, Eric, and Pat called L.A. Blue. From there, another original project ensued in 1991 with Joe, Eric and Pat, but it didnt make it past the living room. But, it was the seed for the next project with Joe, Jeff, and Pat: with the addition of Joe's sister Bonnie, Electrohead was born. Songs written by Joe, Jeff and Pat became the new musical palette! Eric replaced Bonnie and Jeff in 1997, and Electrohead played numerous Denver venues. Joe moved to Michigan in 1998, and Electrohead ceased to exist.

In 1999, Eric decided to build a new house, with the intention of having a house that would be easy for a band to function out of. After the house was completed, Powder Munki was born. Maris the Great named the band with a suggestion from a coworker, "powder monkeys" being the slang term for railroad builders that rappel from cliffs, drill into rock, and blow it up! It would be the perfect band name for Pat and Eric, since they were both involved with Colorado and its railroad history! (Erics father was famed western historical fiction writer, Steve Frazee). Powder Munki was a three piece from the start, playing their first show in September of 1999, on Pat's backyard stage. Continuing on as a trio until 2001, Powder Munki played their first club gig at 7 South in Denver on 12/27/99 with a band called Rubber Planet, a band that is still great friends of Powder Munki.

Adding a singer in 2001 did not help out the band. The singer was arrested at a Powder Munki show in June 2001, and that was the end of that! Pat, Eric and Jeff went into the studio in April of 2002 to record thirteen Powder Munki classics. Unfortunately, a forest fire started right in the middle of the sessions, causing an evacuation for Pat from his abode! The fire was called the Snaking Fire, and eventually became the title of the first Powder Munki instrumental, Snaking Fire Sonata.

Finally, in July of 2002, an ad was placed for a new singer. A reply came in from Monsignor Durland! Todd ran a karaoke show, and invited us down to see him sing after professing a liking for the Powder Munki material. He sang two songs, and Pat and Eric were floored, already envisioning Todd singing the Powder Munki material. Powder Munki mark III was born! Their first show with Todd at the helm was 10/23/02. It was filmed for the television show Colorado Rock playing on the Denver local access channel. Since that date, Powder Munki has performed a total of 27 shows! Powder Munki has rocked like never before with the new addition of Todd. Come and see what youve been missing!